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We are experts in coatings with over 30 years in the paint & application sectors. From our humble beginnings in 1989 as a family business, we have successfully developed and grown to where we are today. We have held on to our core values and standards, applying these in to everything we do.  

Our paint manufacturing division have developed a range of paints to meet the demands of the uPVC spray painting and kitchen refinishing industry. High quality finishes and assured durability, independently tested to meet ISO standards. 

Our mobile and static application division is a recent addition to our business, relative to when we were founded. With our expertise with paint manufacturing, the development in to the application industry made total sense. Since 2015, our application division have continuously developed our processes and created a true niché range of services. 

We are ambassadors for the environment and continuously promote the benefits of upcycling rather than replacement. The environmental costs to manufacture new, then dispose of the old is damaging. Our customers have woken up to the benefits of our services and also the cost savings along the way. 

We have developed our refinishing services to be a true alternative to replacement which gives customers value, choice and convenience.

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